Smart Putter

The greatest innovation in golf since the metal wood

Smart Putter turns the fine art of putting on its head with a revolutionary system of forward-facing putting.

Face the hole. Sink the putt.

An instinctive and natural way of putting that is easy, reliable and 100% compliant with the rules of golf.

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Is Your Putting Letting You Down?


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Many golfers prefer an alternative to the traditional style of putting and the only real alternative is a forward-facing style. Forward-facing putting has many advantages but also presents it’s own challenges, mainly related to compliance with the rules of golf.

SmartPutter is a sound, forward-facing putting technique, with a unique putter that allows you to easily play consistent, accurate strokes in full and clear compliance with the rules of golf.

SmartPutter Supercedes WonderPutter

The latest revision of our forward-facing putting system now replaces the original WonderPutter version. WonderPutter is now officially retired and no longer available. The SmartPutter has the same foundation in concept, mindset and physics. It is a complete putting system...

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SmartPutter Close Up

Here Paul shows you the position you need to take, mechanics of the forward-facing putt and the deliberate actions you need to make. Using the putter can be distilled into positions, angles and motions, and this video shows you the...

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SmartPutter in Action

Using the SmartPutter is a radical departure from traditional putting. You need to approach forward-facing putting with a fresh mind. The way you stand, the way you survey the green, the way you use the putter is all new. In...

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