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A major challenge for all alternative putting methods is that stance taken to face the hole, make a controlled action on the ball and comply with the Rules of Golf!

In collaboration with a number of independent golf professionals we have researched and developed forward-facing putting stances over many years.  The results are very interesting.

  1. The beginner golfer needs firm, clear direction on how to stand in relation to the ball, how to hold themselves, use all their senses and make the stroke.
  2. The experienced amateur golfer needs a clear idea of the parameters to be met and can quickly settle into a stance that is rules compliant, but adapted to the golfers preference and
  3. The professional player, understands at once what needs to be achieved and can quickly adapt the stance requirements to their own body mechanics and concentrate on developing the simplified muscle memory and movement patterns to build consistency into their putting.

The Dynamic Balance Stance is a forward-facing putting stance that enables you to;

  1. look straight ahead with both eyes,
  2. make the simple pendulum motion with your arms to strike the ball,
  3. putt comfortably without encroaching on the line of putt.

The benefits are that you;

  1. have a vastly superior spatial understanding of the hole and the green,
  2. make a simple mechanical motion swinging in one plane one from your shoulders,
  3. are relaxed in addressing the ball and compliant with the rules of golf.

Looking forward with two eyes allows you to use both eyes as a stereoscopic range finder that gathers data for the whole field of vision before it – distances, elevations and quality of terrain. The computing power of the human brain is exceptional and even without training is capable of determining very slight differences and translating that information to help control bodily responses. This natural skill is an essential part of games where the objective is to get some object form where it is to where you want it, e.g. the golf ball from right beside you into the small hole some distance away. With training, spatial skills can be developed to very high levels by anybody.

Giving your eyes the best possible opportunity to gather the most complete data set significantly improves the results your brain can produce. Looking directly toward your target with your head level and both eyes taking in the complete range gives you the best possible opportunity to assess you target zone. Looking sideways, with your head tilted and your target in the periphery of both eyes as the traditional putting style requires is a significant disadvantage to gathering the most useful information.

Positioning your body to strike the ball with the simplest mechanical motion allows you to develop the most consistently accurate control over your putting stroke. A simple motions requires fewer muscle and joint movements. Making the stroke is easier and training your body to make the stroke consistently is also easier. There are fewer variables and opportunities for error and accumulation of error. Traditional putting requires a large number of muscle and joint movements. No matter how good you are, errors will occur and the more opportunities thee are for error, the greater the possibility of each little error adding to the the detrimental effect of the others. This commonly shows up on a bad day where error accumulate to the point that you just can’t putt at all.

Forward putting with the Dynamic Balance Position reduces movement to a minimum and by default reducing the potential for accumulated errors to affect the outcome. Even on a bad day your accumulated errors are reduced and your putting should still be good.

Possibly the greatest obstacle to good putting is tension and stress. The more relaxed and loose you feel when playing the better your play will be. Easier to say than do, but the Dynamic Balance Position helps here too. The stance is simple and does not require careful positioning, checking and fine-tuning. You can be confident that if you’re comfortable standing next to the ball, you’re in the right position and ready to putt. Our customer tutorials will show you how to maximize the benefit of the Dynamic Balance Position in more detail. Tension and stress is not just physical and the thinking component of the stance is also very important to making good putts.

The last aspect of the Dynamic Balance Position is the way it helps you make the simple pendulum motion to strike the ball. The action is taken by a simple  movement of the shoulder joints without using any part of the body as a pivot point. Not only is the action simple to make, it is clear and obvious to all around you that this is how the stroke is made. It cannot be mistaken for an anchored stroke that would not comply with the rules of golf. Complying with the rules is important and being seen to comply is just as important. The Dynamic Balance Position has it all covered.

Stance matTo help SmartPutter users learn the Dynamic Balance Position, we include a vinyl stance mat in the SmartPutter package. This is a footprint template that helps you understand the optimum position for your feet in relation to the ball and the line of putt.  You don’t just have to look at it – you can stand on it and practice putting on it. You won’t need the stance mat for very long.

The Dynamic Balance Position within itself is nothing more than a very simple way to stand and hit a golf ball. Yet it is a critical part of the SmartPutter system and forward-facing putting generally. It’s simplicity makes it easy for beginners to learn and seasoned amateurs to use with great consistency. Professional players can use it as a foundation on which to build a personal stance to suit their body and their temperament. It is a putting stance for all who want to enjoy the consistent accuracy that forward-facing putting has to offer.



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