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Here Paul shows you the position you need to take, mechanics of the forward-facing putt and the deliberate actions you need to make. Using the putter can be distilled into positions, angles and motions, and this video shows you the mechanical rules that you can follow to stand right, hold the putter and swing right. Following these rules will ensure you comply with the rules of golf relative to putting and that your body is getting the most advantage from the SmartPutter system.

Look for these points during the video;

  • Take it easy getting the feet right and use the dynamic Balance Position template (stance mat) included with your SmartPutter to get it right. Stand on this mat to get the correct alignment position for the ball and feet. You will only need to use it in the early stages. The correct position becomes automatic after a short time.
  • The criteria of foot placement are compliance with rules of golf (not standing over the line of putt) and comfort.  Ultimately you decide what’s comfortable. Our research shows that what we are teaching you is comfortable for most people.
  • The criteria of grip are to use the flat face of the grip with the thumbs to help align the putter face and to make a firm connection between your arms and the putter.  Your arms from the shoulders down connect with the putter through to the club head to form a rigid triangular frame. Your hands are the only contact point with the putter. The grip shown works well for most people.
  • The putting stroke is more of a forward push than a pendulum action. The takeaway swing and putter head provide the momentum that propels the ball, but the loft should remain neutral (vertical face).


The video also shows you that once you are familiar with the rules, you can (and should) relax a bit and use your instincts to address the ball and make your stroke.  We often refer to the way other ball sports are played and the naturalness of sending the ball forwards and judging the path it will take using your natural spatial skills. The more relaxed you can be when playing the stroke, the better you can focus your natural skills on playing it successfully.

It’s great watching skilled dancers on the floor as they twist and twirl. But they all started out learning each step slowly and putting it all together with practice. There are rules for where the feet go and how the body moves, but when you get past the machine learning and let your instinct take over, the whole concept becomes a magical reality. So too using the SmartPutter. Practice the basics, and then practice letting go and feeling each stroke that you play. The SmartPutter is just facilitating your natural ball playing skills and helping you become more consistently accurate.

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