SmartPutter Introduction

SmartPutter is a naturally instinctive system of putting that will produce consistently accurate results.

SmartPutter revolutionizes putting by combining a front-on stance with a custom-designed putter for a radically new approach to putting.

If traditional putting is letting you down then SmartPutter is the solution for you.

Forward-Facing is Natural to Ball Games

This video illustrates the instinctive way most ball games are played. The player faces the target point to when making a game play on the the ball.  Information is used from both eyes to range and read the ground. Thought and action are aligned with the direction of play, focusing on the target and picking the ball up along the way. This sequence of action is natural and makes perfect sense. It is common in virtually all ball games – except golf.

SmartPutter is the Best Forward-Facing Putting System

The SmartPutter system changes all this. It is the best way to apply a natural and instinctive action to putting in a way that is easy for all golfers. It is 100% compliant with the rules of golf and is clearly and easily seen to be compliant. With SmartPutter there is never any question that your putts are legal to the letter of the rule book and true to the spirit of the game.

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