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We recognise that all golfers are different and it’s essential that golfing equipment can be readily personalized to suit the physical needs of each player.

For comfort and efficiency, the SmartPutter shaft may need to be shortened to suit your physique. A correctly modified putter will help you get the very best performance and allow you to use it as designed, as described on this website, in the videos and the User Guide.

The order page gives you the option to have us personalise the putter for you by modifying the shaft length to suit your height. We will cut the shaft and refit the grip to the length that best suits you, at no additional cost with your order.

Naturally, you are welcome to make the adjustment yourself or have your golf pro do it for you closer to home.

Optimum SmartPutter Shaft Length

Shaft lengths for traditional putters have no relevance to shaft length for the Smart Putter. To determine the optimum length for you, adopt the SmartPutter stance, making sure that your forward leg between the ankle and the knee is perpendicular to the ground.

Hold the grip as shown in the image. Your arms should be straight, but relaxed and both hands should be comfortable gripping the putter. The rubber grip is long and provides adequate tolerance for flexible sizing.

You can adjust the shaft length by removing an amount from the top to make the grip lower. When holding the putter, your hands should not touch the bare shaft.

When refitting the grip align the flat face with the face of the SmartPutter. The flat face of the grip is a tactile guide to correctly aligning the putter to the ball.

Suggested Shaft Lengths

Based on player height we suggest the following shaft lengths;

  • 6 foot or more – Long (37 in. – 94 cm – as supplied unless otherwise specified)
  • 5 ft 6in – 6 ft – Medium (33 in. – 84 cm)
  • Under 5ft 6 in – Short (29 in. – 74 cm)


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