SmartPutter Supercedes WonderPutter

Introducing SmartPutter

The latest revision of our forward-facing putting system now replaces the WonderPutter which is now officially retired and no longer available.

The SmartPutter has the same foundation in concept, mindset and physics;

A forward-facing stance
for simplified, putter stroke, reduced body movement and stereoscopic visual guidance.

Simple, forgiving mallet putter
adds forgiveness, stability and alignment to your putt.

Simple grip
that’s easy to form and uses your sense of touch to assist alignment.

Legal alternative to traditional putting
the putter, the grip, the stance and the action are all approved by the R&A for tournament play and offer an entirely new way for golfers to improve accuracy and consistency when putting.

SmartPutter vs WonderPutter

The essential differences between SmartPutter and WonderPutter are;

Change of name
Differentiating the new design and new look of SmartPutter.

Revised putter design
The result of 10 years of research and development to refine the mallet putter specifically for forward-facing putting and to add optional refinements for professional golfers.

Simplified stance
The stance and grip are critical biomechanical factors of the SmartPutter system and also of compliance with the Rules of Golf. The new Dynamic Balance Stance is now our only recommended stance for simplicity and compliance.

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