SmartPutter Close Up

Here Paul shows you the position you need to take, mechanics of the forward-facing putt and the deliberate actions you need to make. Using the putter can be distilled into positions, angles and motions, and this video shows you the…

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SmartPutter in Action

Using the SmartPutter is a radical departure from traditional putting. You need to approach forward-facing putting with a fresh mind. The way you stand, the way you survey the green, the way you use the putter is all new. In…

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Dynamic Balance Position

  A major challenge for all alternative putting methods is that stance taken to face the hole, make a controlled action on the ball and comply with the Rules of Golf! In collaboration with a number of independent golf professionals…

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SmartPutter Introduction

SmartPutter is a naturally instinctive system of putting that will produce consistently accurate results. SmartPutter revolutionizes putting by combining a front-on stance with a custom-designed putter for a radically new approach to putting. If traditional putting is letting you down…

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SmartPutter Stance

There are three aspects to consider when adopting your putting stance with the SmartPutter. The first is to achieve a stance that you can easily replicate at will. The second is to ensure that the bio mechanics are correct such…

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SmartPutter Grip

Gripping the SmartPutter your right hand (if right-handed) will hold the grip in the lower position and your left hand above it. Both hands should be comfortably placed on the grip with the thumbs positioned on the flat front surface…

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SmartPutter Shaft Length

We recognise that all golfers are different and it’s essential that golfing equipment can be readily personalized to suit the physical needs of each player. For comfort and efficiency, the SmartPutter shaft may need to be shortened to suit your…

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