SmartPutter is the latest development of our alternative to traditional putting. SmartPutter could give you the way to more accurate and consistent putting and make a big difference to your game.

SmartPutter is a two-part system that starts with a natural, forward facing stance utilizing instinctive senses and action with minimal body movement and muscle coordination. The second part is the SmartPutter club designed exclusively for the stance and to facilitate forward-facing putting in compliance with the rules of golf.

We believe that many golfers could improve their game simply by improving their putting. For some players the traditional putting method presents seemingly impossible obstacles.  For these golfers SmartPutter provides an alternative method of putting that is radically different, physically less demanding and so natural in it’s approach.

If traditional putting comes easy to you, then stick with it.

If you are struggling with consistency in your putting, then SmartPutter could turn that around.

SmartPutter Stance

SmartPutter Stance

Forward Facing

The instinctive stance in virtually all ball games is to face the direction of play. Facing forward optimizes the natural range-finding and terrain scanning capabilities of stereoscopic sight and uses it to guide the direction and velocity of your putt.

Simple Motion

By eliminating any rotation of head, shoulders, trunk and hips during the putt, compound muscle memory is simplified, is easier to train during practice and recall during play.

Rules Compliant

A major challenge to alternative putting has always been compliance with the rules of golf. SmartPutter is the only forward-facing putter that is compliant with the rules of golf and legal for play at all levels of competitive golf worldwide. SmartPutter compliance is authorised in written approval from the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in association with the USGA.

SmartPutter Club

The SmartPutter club is designed to be used in conjunction with the SmartPutter stance. The club head and shaft are custom-designed and precision manufactured as the second component of the SmartPutter system.

Mechanical Advantage

The SmartPutter aids and optimizes the mechanical advantages of facing forward to putt with sight lines, strategically balanced mass and large sweet spot. The complex angles of the putter shaft permit the head to strike the ball with maximum efficiency.


Critical to the SmartPutter club is the way it facilitates rules-compliant putting using the forward facing stance easily and naturally.

Smart Putter

SmartPutter offers professional golfers a viable putting alternative…

SmartPutter - A Professional Foundation

Successful professional golf involves maximising strengths, minimising weaknesses and developing an individual approach to play and competition. We understand that professional golfers are unique in their approach to the game. While tradition is an important factor in golf, the game is constantly evolving. Innovation in all aspects of the game drives progress in golf.

SmartPutter offers you an alternative approach to putting that is radically different to the traditional form. The SmartPutter stance and club is as close as we can get to perfect at this point in time. It provides the concept, tested biomechanical theory and physical components to achieve great putting results. However there is room for professional players to adapt the SmartPutter system to their own personal preference.

We encourage all SmartPutter users to start by mastering the stance and playing routine we have devised – learning the ropes so to speak. At that point there is nothing to stop an insightful player from fine-tuning the stance or club details. It is feasible that you might improve comfort or  performance with slight changes to the stance or by modifying the shaft length, head weight or grip. Club finishes are also highly personal and there is a wide range of finishes that we can provide for professional golfers.

SmartPutter provides an alternative putting solution that is effective for many golfers and 100% rules-compliant. Provided the fundamental principles are maintained, SmartPutter is extendable to suit the individual.

SmartPutter Pro

For the professional golfer we have developed an enhanced range of SmartPutter clubs. The SmartPutter Pro putter is CNC-machined from aluminum billet and has an interchangeable weighting system that allows the club head weight to be modified to compensate for the speed of the green on the day of play.

We provide three weights; light for use on fast, dry greens; medium which provides the same nett weight as the standard club head; and a heavy weight for slow, wet greens. The weights are fitted into the sole of the club head and used in accordance with our recommended training/practice procedure. This procedure is effective and fully compliant with the rules of golf.

SmartPutter Pro X

The SmartPutter Pro X putter also has the interchangeable weighting system, but is fully machined from billet alloy, hand-finished and available in a wide range of custom putter head colours, coatings and finishes as well as a range of grip choices.

SmartPutter Pro X is available only by special order. Please contact us to discuss your preferred options.

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