<h1>SmartPutter Frequently Asked Questions</h1> <h3>Putting Questions</h3> [toggle title=”How will the SmartPutter help me?”] Technically, there are four ways the SmartPutter will help you… <ol> <li>The forward-facing stance allows you to read the green and line up your shot more naturally.</li> <li>Swinging the club in a two dimensional arc requires fewer body movements, fewer joints and muscles and less effort and coordination to make consistent strokes.</li> <li>The club grip and stroke action completely eliminate any wrist action in a putt (no more yips!).</li> <li>The mallet-style putter head is the most forgiving of any club.</li> </ol> The side benefit of playing with the Smartputter is that making great putts on the green increases your confidence on the next hole. Success breeds success.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What kind of club is the SmartPutter?”] The SmartPutter is a mallet-style putter. Mallet-style putters have the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) which put simply means resistance to twisting. A putter that twists, even imperceptibly on impact, loses energy, distance and directional control. The higher the MOI in your putter head, the better chance you have of making putts. This is why mallet-style putters are universally recognised as the most forgiving. The putter length from sole to the top of the shaft is 935mm (36.75 inches). The shaft is a tapered hollow alloy shaft, directly bonded into the putter head. The grip is plain black rubber, round with a flat at the front. At address the loft is zero degrees i.e. the face is vertical and the sole does not rest on the green. When struck from this position the ball dives into the hole and will not shoot over the top.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Can the shaft length be altered?”] The stock shaft length is normally satisfactory whether using the Aussie or the American stance. It is unusual to have a tailored shaft length in order to use the club comfortably as may be the case with a traditional putter. That said, the alloy shaft is hollow and can be shortened or lengthened easily by most pro shops. The existing grip allows an adjustment of up to 225mm (9 in.). An adjustment of this amount would not affect the integrity and its compliance with the Rules of Golf.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Can I use the Smartputter club with a traditional stance?”] You could, but doing so would place you at a disadvantage. The club is designed to be used facing ahead toward the cup. The club head and shaft are shaped and angled for the forward facing arm movement that swings the club in a simple arc toward the hole. The SmartPutter club is one part of the SmartPutter technique includes the correct stance.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Which is better, Aussie or American stance?”]The most accurate and easy to use is the Aussie stance. This is because your eyes are directly above the ball and you can more easily sight your required ball path to the hole. If you are right handed then a right hand putter is your best choice. Your SmartPutter comes with a full-sized stance mat that shows you where to place your feet in relation to the ball position and the line of putt. A series of training videos shows exactly how to grip the putter and the finer details of positioning your feet, legs and head in relation to the ball and the hole.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Why does the SmartPutter require a special stance anyway?”] Three reasons… <ol> <li>You are facing forward toward the hole when you make a putt (for better vision)</li> <li>By facing forward you are able to swing the SmartPutter in a 2D arc (for better control)</li> <li>To comply with the Rules of Golf which require you to make your stroke without either foot touching, or being astride the line of putt or an extension of the line of putt behind the ball. (16.1e)[/toggle]</li> </ol> [toggle title=”How should I decide whether to choose a right (natural) or left (goofy) stance club?”] Getting a comfortable stance is a vital part of the SmartPutter system. Some people alternate right and left-hand use between sports. Deciding on the correct stance for golfing can pose a dilemma. For the purpose of selecting the correct hand of SmartPutter, imagine you are riding a surfboard or skateboard. Which foot feels most comfortable at the front of the board? If left then you are a natural (right-handed). If right, you are a goofy foot (left-handed). If you select one or the other and feel that it’s not the right choice, get in touch and we’ll arrange a swap-over.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Can I test out the SmartPutter?”] Sure. We do this by offering a 100% moneyback guarantee. Simply place an order and your SmartPutter package will be sent out to you. Follow the instructions regarding stance choice, club swing technique and have a trial run on your club practice green before heading out for a game. If you’re still not satisfied within 30 days, please see our <a title=”SmartPutter Satisfaction Guarantee” href=”http://www.smart-putter.com/smartputter-satisfaction-guarantee/”>Satisfaction Guarantee</a> page.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Is the SmartPutter legal?”]<strong>Yes</strong>. SmartPutter is designed to be fully compliant with the Rules of Golf proscribed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and by default, Golf Australia and USGA. The club is fully compliant with the Design Rules that apply to putters (Appendix II) and the approved stances that we guide golfers to use are also fully compliant with the rule that applies to putting on the green (16.1e) The SmartPutter used with the correct technique comply with proposed changes to Rule 14-1b.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Is the SmartPutter some kind of hybrid belly putter or broomstick putter?”]<strong>No</strong>. Belly putters and broomstick putters all use some part of the body as a pivot point for the club. Although these putters have been ruled legitimate by the USGA controversy continues to rage about the fairness and legitimacy of these styles. It is irrelevant to include SmartPutter in any such discussion. The only body contact the SmartPutter has is through the hand grip – as with any traditional putter. The grip and stance is different, but there is no additional body contact and no fixed pivot point.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I’ve seen a new version SmartPutter advertised online with an insert on the striking face. Can I order that model?”]Any club with a face insert is not an authentic SmartPutter. We tried a face insert early in the R&amp;D of this club and found that it did not enhance performance. The insert made the club less reliable, less accurate and more likely to overshoot the hole. Everything you would not want. As a result no putter in the authentic <strong>SmartPutter</strong> or SmartPutter range is manufactured or sold with a face insert. Note also that the original, authentic, classic WonderPutter package, in addition to the SmartPutter club, includes instructional details of the SmartPutter method, the stance mat and club headcover.[/toggle] <h3>Sales Questions</h3> [toggle title=”How do I purchase the SmartPutter?”] Visit our online <a href=”http://www.smart-putter.com/buy-the-smartputter-now/”>store </a>and click the Select Options button under the product you want. You will see the product detail page where you can select the options you want. Then click the “Add to Cart” button. When you see your shopping cart you have the opportunity to modify your order if necessary. Before you can checkout you need to select your shipping destination (country and zip code) to lookup the correct delivery cost. When this is complete click the “Proceed to Checkout” button where you will pay through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use this system and you can use credit and debit cards to complete your purchase. You will receive a transaction confirmation email and your SmartPutter will be dispatched with 2 working days.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Your prices are in Australian dollars. How is the exchange rate managed?”] International transactions are always subject to fluctuating exchange rates. The ecommerce gateway we use is Paypal which allows you to pay our Australian dollar price in your local currency. Paypal will do the currency conversion for you based on its prevailing rate at the time. Be aware that credit card companies and banks may impose additional fees or rates on the transaction however these are impossible to predict and we have no control over transactional fees what so ever. That said, Paypal offers a very satisfactory and affordable means of making international transactions. It is reliable, trustworthy and very secure. If you utilise a Paypal account for buying and selling you can take advantage of other benefits as well.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Can I pay with a credit card?”] We use Paypal as our ecommerce gateway. Paypal allows you to pay with virtually any credit or debit card. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay with Paypal. You will receive a payment confirmation from Paypal and your payment will appear on your credit/debit card statement as a payment to Paypal.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Will I get shipment tracking details for my SmartPutter?”] If you selected a shipping option that includes tracking details, then the consignment number will be provided to you so that you can track your delivery. Tracked shipping is more expensive than un-tracked shipping and tracking is not available to every destination. Tracking may not be available to your destination.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Why do shipping costs seem to be high?”] We currently ship all SmartPutter deliveries from Australia which is where the SmartPutter is manufactured. For all international destinations the delivery is being made over a very long distance which is why it seems more expensive than a local delivery.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I have damaged my SmartPutter. How can I get it repaired?”] Take your SmartPutter to your local golf pro shop for any repairs. They will be able to handle any repairs required to the shaft or grip. The head is not repairable. We have club repair advice and specifications available to pro shops on request and will gladly assist professional club technicians to correctly configure the SmartPutter for you. Pro shop costs are your responsibility.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How do I make a warranty claim?”] If your SmartPutter club as failed due to faulty materials or workmanship, we will be pleased to repair of replace it for you. Please submit a <a href=”http://wonderputter.com/return-authorisation/”>warranty return claim</a> and provide an image of the faulty aspect. We will provide you with an RMA number and return address. Return shipping is at your expense. We will send you a repaired or replaced club at no further cost.[/toggle]

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