SmartPutter in Action

Using the SmartPutter is a radical departure from traditional putting. You need to approach forward-facing putting with a fresh mind. The way you stand, the way you survey the green, the way you use the putter is all new.

In this video, Paul demonstrates how to stand, hold the putter and make the stroke with short putts and long putts. The aim here is not to show how the ball looks going into the hole, although we do see a fair bit of that. The aim is to show you, across a series of putts, how to address the ball, face the hole and make the stroke.

An interesting point to note is how Paul is almost casual in making the stroke. All his attention is focused on his vision of where the ball will go and the SmartPutter system of facing the hole and making the stroke with the SmartPutter club simply assists him in applying the human instincts that everyone can summon. If you have the right approach and practice the fundamentals, then let your instincts drive you forward, you will be able to putt with consistent accuracy.

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