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There are three aspects to consider when adopting your putting stance with the SmartPutter.

  1. The first is to achieve a stance that you can easily replicate at will.
  2. The second is to ensure that the bio mechanics are correct such that you can play the stroke with power and control.
  3. The third is that you are compliant with the rules of golf.

All three aspects are accomplished for most golfers by adopting the recommended SmartPutter stance that we will show you here. We call it the Dynamic Balance Position.


Stand facing the hole with your feet to one side of the line of putt. Right-handers will have the left foot leading.



Your leading foot is located to the left of the ball adjacent to your big toe.


The calf of your leading leg should be perpendicular to the green. Your knee will be bent slightly so that you can stand comfortably and locate the club-head behind the ball.

The critical aspects to your foot placement are that you do not stand over the line of putt and that you are comfortably balanced over the ball.

Stance Mat

Stance matTo help you align your feet with the SmartPutter and the ball position we provide a full-sized Dynamic Balance Position template mat. This mat clearly displays the ball position, the imaginary line of putt, the SmartPutter head position and positioning of the feet.

The ball position is the fixed point around which everything else is based – the starting point for building your stance.

The next important factor is the imaginary line of putt. This is the direction in which you will make your stroke. Depending on the green it may point straight from the ball to the hole. More commonly it will point to one side or the other to allow for the green topography. Important to note is that the line of putt extends through the ball front and back and is an important factor in complying with the Rules of Golf.

The putter head is aligned behind the ball along the line of putt.

The leading foot is positioned adjacent to the ball with the toe aligned with the front face of the ball. The calf is kept plumb and vertical with the green surface.

The trailing foot is angle slightly and positioned at a comfortable distance behind the body to maintain stability and allow the leading calf to be kept plumb. The trailing foot is also kept clear of the imaginary line of putt to comply with the Rules of Golf.

The Dynamic Balance Position provides the most comfortable putting position with the least degree of gymnastics for most people. The best putting stance for you is the one that allows to to putt consistently and accurately and complies with the RulesĀ  of Golf. Study the Dynamic Balance Position and spend some time mastering it doing putting drills and during play – then and only then, should you begin to adapt the stance and make any personal tweaks you feel are necessary.

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randy jacobs - posted on February 10, 2018 9:14 am

Can the Smart Putter be used with a squared up stance… The “American” or ” Fleckman” stance?
Is there sufficient loft when you square up the feet?

Paul - posted on April 20, 2018 3:38 pm

I apologise for the delay and thanks for the enquiry.
Yes you can use the squared up or forward facing stance.
There is a reason why we recommend the dynamic balance position, and I putt that way as well, and it is because we think it is much more accurate because it places your head-eyes directly above the ball giving you a perfect “binocular” view of the ball, the ball pathway and the hole.
To alter the loft, you can move the ball/putter face forward so that the back of the ball is in line with the front of your foot. All other items must be compliant with the Rules of Golf – see the putting mat attachment for that kind of information.
If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to ask and subscribe to our mail for lots of good information.
Paul Cleeve
[email protected]


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